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2023 CHM Machinery National After-sales Tour Service Activity Year

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Hand in hand after-sales service, heart-to-heart service" #CHM Machinery "Ingenious service, full care" national after-sales tour service activity officially launched

In 2023, we like most companies face challenges brought about by changes in the global economy. While constantly overcoming multiple difficulties, we have always firmly believed in "worrying about customers' needs and thinking about what customers want", and provide customers with high-quality papersheeting solutions. With the concept ofCHM Machinery's full life cycle service, we have opened We provide nationwide after-sales tour service, respond quickly, and do our best to solve various problems for customers.

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During the national after-sales service tour in 2023, our after-sales service team set out from Dongguan CHM, Shandong CHM, and Dongtai CHM with vigorous energy and professional technology to various parts of the country, and visited many paper companies one after another. The company solves problems for customers at the production site and truly achieves 100% high-quality service.

Time flies, and every scene of the 2023 national after-sales service tour is still fresh in my memory. What is displayed at every moment is the craftsmanship spirit of ourCHM people! Most of the equipment still has excellent performance and very low maintenance costs after 15 years of continuous operation.


Since the launch of the first national after-sales service tour in 2022, ourCHM Machinery services have received widespread attention from the paper products industry, and have received praise and affirmation from our customers during the service process!

In CHM Machinery's 20 years of focusing on papersheeting, every milestone is indispensable without the companionship and trust of loyal customers! Thank you for having you in 2023, and we will continue to work together to create a better future in 2024!

CHM Machinery is a professional manufacturer of websheeting machines and a professional provider of solutions for paper product processing in China. Founded in 2004, the company has a scale of 150,000 square meters, has the most professional production technology and a full life cycle after-sales service team in the industry, and has been well received by customers at home and abroad.


Main products:

High-speed websheeting machine

Double rotary knife websheeting machine

A3/A4/A5 copy paper production line

Reampacking machine

Carton box packing machine

IntelligentPalletizing robot

Fully electric handling of raw paper rolls forklift

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