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Notes on the use of high precision double rotary paper sheeter machines

TIME : 2021-11-19 HITS : 31

The high precision double rotary cross-cutting machine is part of the carton processing machinery. The cross-cutting machine in the corrugated cardboard production line is the machinery and equipment used by the cadres to cut the finished cardboard. Its technical performance and the state of adjustment of the equipment directly affect the accuracy of the cut size of the finished cardboard, the rupture of the embossing line and the smooth and beautiful appearance of the cutout.


High precision double rotary paper roll sheeter machine classification.
The high precision double rotary cross cutter is one of the most important individual machines in the corrugated board production line. Cross-cutting machines are divided into mechanical cross-cutting machines and computer-controlled cross-cutting machines due to different transmission control methods. The computer-controlled cross-cutting machine is controlled by an industrial control computer, which controls the operation of the knife shaft to cut off the cardboard according to the set length, and the precision transmission of the mechanical part, which can control the cutting error within ±1mm. Computer-controlled cross-cutting machines include spiral knife cross-cutting machines and straight knife cross-cutting machines. The spiral knife cross cutter is more suitable for cutting thick cardboard at high speed, and the paper is cut smoothly and the blade life is long.


High precision double rotary paper roll sheeter machine applications.
High precision double rotary cross cutter is suitable for longitudinal and transverse slitting of various types of paper. Such as gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, laser laser anti-counterfeit paper, white board paper and all kinds of thin paper. Widely used for horizontal or vertical cutting of trademarks, cigarette labels, calendars, wine boxes, poker, and paper-plastic printing composites.


High precision double rotary paper roll sheeter machine precautions such as the following three points.
1.Good job of maintenance and maintenance work.
First, the daily maintenance should be in place, the principle is that lubrication, cleaning, cleaning (no dust, no debris) in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment in good condition.
Secondly, maintenance work is carried out, with regular and irregular inspections of rotating parts (especially real-time monitoring of wearing parts). Regular adjustments and regular replacements are implemented, and detailed records are kept to extend the life of the equipment. The electrical parts should be regularly cleaned and inspected to eliminate hidden problems in time.
2. Adopt high quality slitting knives and cross-cutting knives.
3.Improve the technical quality and level of the operator, for the control part of the operation to do a person responsible, without permission no one can operate on their own.