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4 rolls of 40GSM silicone paper were neatly sheeting by CHM-1400II sheeter at the same time

TIME : 2024-01-08 HITS : 12

Recently, with the unremitting efforts of CHM Mechanical Engineers, our computerized high-precision web sheeting machine was installed and debugged at the customer's factory in Foshan before the May Day holiday. 

To celebrate the smooth start of production, a handover ceremony was held at the customer's site.


More than a hundred red envelopes were prepared on site, and each person could draw two red envelopes. When they opened the red envelopes, the faces of the friends were filled with happy smiles, and the master who started the machine even drew a big red envelope with his luck.


At the handover ceremony, Foshan customer owner Mr. Ma signed his name on the machine acceptance form and received the "big start-up key". This is a special gift! Mr. Ma said, “It’s already a quarter of the first quarter of 2023. Today our Foshan Haowei Company has welcomed a new websheeter machine from CHM Machinery. It not only has fast cutting speed, but also has high precision of sheeting products. , this new production line will greatly improve our output and quality in the future. 

In the future, we will continue to work hard to expand the market, promote business innovation, and continue to contribute more to the economic development of the paper industry with professional products and services. Strength, thank you everyone, thank you CHM."


After the handover ceremony, we came to the production workshop, and what we saw was a busy scene. At the same time, our protagonist CHM Machinery's computerized high-precision web sheeting machine has officially entered production, and paper are being slit.40 gsm of silicone paper, 4 rolls can be cut at the same time, extremely efficient! It is very difficult to cut paper of this weight! Our machine not only cuts well, the cuts are clean, but the paper delivery is also very neat. It’s so excellent!