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CHM-1400 with 4 rolls sheeter running well in Bangladesh Dhaka paper mill

TIME : 2023-12-29 HITS : 17

Now I am introducing a customer from a Bangladesh Dhaka paper mill. 

The customer's factory mainly produces offset paper. In October 2023, the customer visited China to visit our CHM factory. He carefully studied and studied our CHMsheeting machine, and observed the machine operation for several hours at our customer's site in China. The machine ran stably and the paper was cut neatly and cleanly. No paper wool.He saw that the machine from more than ten years ago is still running in good condition. After the customer returned toBangladesh, he made up his mind to buy our CHM sheeter. 

Thank you very much for the customer's recognition and support. The shipmentshippedbe on time in November. We had arranged an engineer in December. After going abroad to install the machine, the machine ran perfectly after about a week.

Offset paper (commonly known as Dowling paper): 

The most commonly used paper in printing, its price is generally acceptable to publishing organizations. Many ordinary single-color printed books, or two-color or four-color printed books with low color requirements, use this kind of paper. Offset paper is usually divided into two hues: off-white and high white, with a weight between 70g and 120g. Offset paper is an uncoated paper. There are high and low grades of offset paper.


Please check out the video ofCHM-1400 with 4 reels running at a customer site.

<iframe width="971" height="546" src="" title="CHM-1400 of 4 rolls sheeting 65 GSM offset paper running well in Bangladesh client site 2023#shorts" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>