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“Degree paper 8K”or ”National Standard 8K" or "Opening 8K" sheeting on CHM sheeter machine

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"Degree paper 8K" =(270±2.0)X(390±2.0) used for printing, making copies, test papers and copying. The sizes are different, with an upper and lower fluctuation of 4mm. They are used for different purposes and have different sizes. They are all 8K.

800 (2)

8K paper generally refers to 8-karat paper. The dimensions of 8-karat paper are: 

white material 270mm×390 mm, 

finished product 260mm×370 mm. 

8k paper is white paper, also known as examination paper.


8k refers to the size of the paper. It is generally used for examination papers in primary and secondary schools.


The non-standard 8K production line is put into the market, and you will know how strong the performance is only after seeing it!

8K specification paper is actually not unfamiliar to many people. The most common paper of this specification is our test paper, such as test papers for primary and secondary school examinations, handwritten newspapers made by students, as well as art sketch paper, sketch paper, etc.



The models that CHM Machinery has always promoted can be divided into two categories: one is for roll cutting of flat sheets, and the other is for roll cutting of copy paper. In addition, according to customer needs, we continue to launch a variety of non-standard customized models to provide personalized solutions for the paper industry. For example, web sheeting machine connected to Inkjet printer, sheeting machine connected to embossing machine, A3/A4 simultaneous sheeting copy paper production line and 8K production line, etc. These non-standard customized models have witnessed the results of our CHM Machinery technical engineers' day and night adjustment of drawings, optimization of actual machines, and sheeting and debugging.

Among them, the protagonist we are going to introduce today is a production line capable of sheeting 8K specifications. This model has fast sheeting speed and the ability to slit 5 rolls of base paper at the same time, and can be connected to a non-standard customized 8K ream packaging machine for in-line production. Customers are amazed by its finished product effect.

Next, let us walk into the site together and experience the powerful performance of CHM Machinerys 8K production line!

CHM-8K web sheeting machine production line customer site In the video, we can see that from web sheeting to conveying, from ream packaging to carton, the entire process is highly efficient and automated. The smooth commissioning of this non-standard customized machine demonstrates the strong technological innovation capabilities and capabilities of CHM Machinery. 

Full life cycle after-sales service helps paper companies achieve high-quality development. 

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! 

Thank you to every customer for your support and trust in us!