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CHM-A4 Full Automatic A4 Copy Paper Production Line

CHM-A4 series A5/A4/A3 copy paper production line machine are Chinese best full automatic model for manufacturing copy paper sheets. The advanced equipment almost don’t need any manual processing during the production line running. It includes paper roll unwinding unit,slitting unit,sheeting unit,paper sheets collecting unit,conveyor unit,reams packaging unit,reams boxing unit. The series production line is an ideal equipment for high producing capacity requirements.
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1.High producing capacity: The maximum stable running speed reach 23 reams per minute,around 20 tons per day(8 hours).
2.High degree of automation: From paper roll to reams,no require any manual operation.
3.High cutting precision: The after cutting paper sheets accuracy reach ±0.1mm。
4.Packaging quality:Automatic packaging machine adopt international brand gluing system. Packed reams have very high quality.
5.Large size touch screen: It is easy to control and set parameter in the touch screen by the intelligent PLC system.

Machine details

细节-Automati Ream Wrapping Machine细节-Electric Control Cabinet
Automati Ream Wrapping MachineElectric Control Cabinet
细节-HMI Control Pannel细节-Paper Reams Conveyor
HMI Control PannelPaper Reams Conveyor
细节-Paper Roll Unwinding Station细节-Paper Sheets Conveyor
Paper Roll Unwinding StationPaper Sheets Conveyor
细节-Paper Web Guider细节-Pneumatic Slitting Knife
Paper Web GuiderPneumatic Slitting Knife

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