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CHM-SGT 1400 High Precision Paper Sheeter For Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

The CHM-SGT series synchronize-fly paper sheeter machine adopt a special cutting method. The upper blade and bottom blade synchronize rotary to cut paper from roll to sheets. The cutting method won’t damage the edge of after cutting paper sheets,clean cutting surface without burrs. It is widely used to cut thick paper roll to sheets for making board sheets or corrugated box manufacturing and printing shop,paper mill.
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1.The rotary double blade cutting system adopt European technical,stable,durable,high cutting precision.
2.After cutting paper sheets can directly delivery to feed into printer machine with any second time edge trimming processing.
3.EPC system: The system automatic adjust the edge position of paper rolls to improve cutting precision.
4.Waste edge paper will be discharge out of machine by strong blower fan and Y type pipe.
5.Cross cutting knife adopt single rotary sheets cutter knife,which made by British technical and high quality material. Decrease noisy and longer lift time.
6.Conveyor unit adopt horizontal conveying with muti-stages to separate paper sheets,convey paper sheets forward,and stacking paper sheets on pallet.
7.The maximum cutting paper thick up to 1000gsm,it means the machine can cut two 450gsm paper rolls at one time.




Cutting way

Upper and lower blade synchronize rotary cutting

Paper Gsm


Max Cutting Speed(Times)

300 sheets/min

Max Cutting Speed(Meters)

300 meters/min

Cutting Accuracy


Cutting Length


Max Mother Roll Diameter


Max Mother Roll Width


Max Stacking Height


Machine Weigth


Machine details

Conveyor UnitElectric Control Box
Conveyor UnitElectric Control Box
Marks InsertorPaper Sheets Collecting&Stacking
Marks InsertorPaper Sheets Collecting&Stacking
Rotary KnifeSlitting Knife Unit
Rotary KnifeSlitting Knife Unit
Stacking Platform
Stacking Platform

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